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Start the year with your best foot forward by getting your TESOL Certificate with Jakarta Language Academy. And where better to do it than the STUNNING Indonesian Island of Bali, known to the locals as Island of the Gods! Contact JLA today to find out more and to register... karl.millsom@jakartalanguageacademy.com (+62) 8788 4964582 (Call, Text,… Continue reading JLA TEACHING CERTIFICATE JANUARY 2018


On Teaching “Those Students”

Today I came across this post on LinkedIn with a good number of “likes” and only assenting comments. While I appreciate the underlying sentiment here, I do think it’s a little  dishonest. And to be clear, I don’t mean that I disbelieve that the original poster truly feels this way. But people get a lot… Continue reading On Teaching “Those Students”

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On Native and Non-native Teacher Equality

  It feels cheap to start this article with a list of caveats, but it also feels necessary. During my career as a teacher (9 years in so far, so not a lifetime, but far from negligible), I have experienced teaching in a number of different types of institution alongside both Native and Non-native Speaker… Continue reading On Native and Non-native Teacher Equality

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NOW OFFERING: On-Demand Lesson Observations

  One of the greatest sources of professional development for teachers is regular lesson observations and constructive feedback. If you’re lucky, your institution provides this as standard, but MANY TEACHERS ARE NOT SO LUCKY. Many teachers go for YEARS without being observed in their classroom. Until now, I have only conducted lesson observations of teachers… Continue reading NOW OFFERING: On-Demand Lesson Observations

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Redefining Teacher Accountability

An Essential but Misguided Concept Accountability is a word certain to draw a rift between teachers and the people who employ and appraise them. Generally speaking, education administrators, policy makers and those who employ teachers need to know how well teachers are performing and whether the students are getting the education they need/expect, while teachers… Continue reading Redefining Teacher Accountability

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Teach First, Ask Questions Later

How to get teaching completely backwards. As with many areas in life, often the things that seem most obvious, most instinctual, are in fact not right, and when we pause to look a little closer, we realise that the counterintuitive alternative is actually better. For example, people spend excessive energy trying to avoid making mistakes… Continue reading Teach First, Ask Questions Later

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Defining and Developing Classroom Culture

One of my favourite things to talk about with teachers is Classroom Culture. The reason I find it so interesting is that it is the answer to so many questions that teachers ask, solves so many of the problems they face, and it underlies so many of the topics I have written about before. First… Continue reading Defining and Developing Classroom Culture

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Secondary Learning Objectives, Part II

What I Teach When I’m Teaching English I have just written about Secondary Learning Objectives. That post was a fairly general introduction to the concept. Here, I would like to give some specific examples of Secondary Learning Objectives within the context of my own field, English language teaching. Teaching Experiences EFL teachers find themselves in… Continue reading Secondary Learning Objectives, Part II