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Start the year with your best foot forward by getting your TESOL Certificate with Jakarta Language Academy. And where better to do it than the STUNNING Indonesian Island of Bali, known to the locals as Island of the Gods! Contact JLA today to find out more and to register... karl.millsom@jakartalanguageacademy.com (+62) 8788 4964582 (Call, Text,… Continue reading JLA TEACHING CERTIFICATE JANUARY 2018

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Teacher Talk Time Round Up (III)

At the end of September, the Teacher Talk Community met up for the third monthly Teacher Talk Time. For this session, we went with something a little bit different. In the first two meetings, we chose themes related to teaching approaches and methodology, and these will continue to be our main focus, but last month… Continue reading Teacher Talk Time Round Up (III)


On Solving the Problem of Large Classes

I live and teach in Indonesia, where classes in formal schools are often above 30 students, increasing to as large as 40–50 students for government schools outside major cities. While I haven’t taught there, I’ve heard plenty about China and India, for example, where a class can have more than 60 students. As a trainer,… Continue reading On Solving the Problem of Large Classes

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The Truth Behind the Scores

Exams and Scoring in Indonesian Schools I have been teaching and training in Indonesia for 10 years now, and I have spent most of those years opposing the system of high reliance on numeric scoring and percentages in schools across the board. I have written several posts on this general topic before regarding why I… Continue reading The Truth Behind the Scores

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The Mathematics of English Language Teaching

I often feel that one of the main obstacles or barriers that English teachers face is expectations. There are a number of reasons for this, but the two major causes of unrealistic expectations are basic underestimation of the difficulty of learning a language and the dishonest marketing of so many English language learning providers. Where… Continue reading The Mathematics of English Language Teaching