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On Native and Non-native Teacher Equality

  It feels cheap to start this article with a list of caveats, but it also feels necessary. During my career as a teacher (9 years in so far, so not a lifetime, but far from negligible), I have experienced teaching in a number of different types of institution alongside both Native and Non-native Speaker… Continue reading On Native and Non-native Teacher Equality


On the Bicycle Analogy

You wouldn’t expect to learn to ride a bicycle by having the techniques explained to you by a professional cyclist before you’ve even bought yourself a bicycle. Even less so by being shown the various parts of a bicycle stripped down and being told what they are all for and how each one works. And… Continue reading On the Bicycle Analogy

Techniques & Methodology

Teacher Talk Acts, Not Teacher Talk Time

Student Centred Learning. Buzzword de rigueur. It’s a principle that, of course, I wholeheartedly endorse, and I travel around the country talking about how best to achieve it. When I first started talking about student-centred learning at workshop events, it was completely unheard of by many of my audiences here in Indonesia. Certainly it could… Continue reading Teacher Talk Acts, Not Teacher Talk Time