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Planning Learning on Multiple Levels

I recently met with some teachers from a nearby language centre for an informal chat and to give them some guidance and ideas to develop themselves and their institution. The primary reason we met was because a colleague of mine mentioned that the language centre was without a senior teacher / academic director, and the… Continue reading Planning Learning on Multiple Levels

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What is education and what is it for?

This might seem like a stupid question on the face of it. We all know what education is, you might think. And I think to some degree that’s probably a fair claim. We all know what education is because we’ve all experienced it. We could all point to it and say, “Look, that’s education”. However,… Continue reading What is education and what is it for?

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On Progress or the Lack Thereof

Why Education Stagnates A colleague recently asked me a particularly interesting question, the answer to which I had held in my head for quite some time but had never really verbalised before. As such, I wasn’t able to express myself as clearly as I would have liked at the time, so this post is an… Continue reading On Progress or the Lack Thereof