Project Update

A few months ago I wrote that I would be trying to write 1000 words a day in an attempt to get some solid content up on here and to keep my creativity consistent. I kept up with that fairly well, and while not all of my work ended up on this blog, some 80%… Continue reading Project Update

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Secondary Learning Objectives, Part III

Why Secondary Learning Objectives Might Be More Important than Primary Learning Objectives Lately, I have been writing about Secondary Learning Objectives. In my last post, I wrote about some examples and why they are an important element of the students’ classroom experience. In fact, I consider it quite possible that Secondary Learning Objectives are becoming,… Continue reading Secondary Learning Objectives, Part III

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Secondary Learning Objectives, Part II

What I Teach When I’m Teaching English I have just written about Secondary Learning Objectives. That post was a fairly general introduction to the concept. Here, I would like to give some specific examples of Secondary Learning Objectives within the context of my own field, English language teaching. Teaching Experiences EFL teachers find themselves in… Continue reading Secondary Learning Objectives, Part II

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Secondary Learning Objectives

I have alluded in several recent posts to Secondary Learning Objectives, but I have focused on Primary Learning Objectives for the most part. Lately though, many of the questions I get asked are on the topic of Secondary Learning Objectives. When I speak, write or train teachers about learning objectives, one thing that I stress almost above all… Continue reading Secondary Learning Objectives

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On Why I Won’t be Giving You My Slides

I speak at schools and universities fairly frequently. I average at about one event a month, which isn’t spectacular, but it is regular. Whenever I do one of these events, I am asked by the organiser or the host to share my slides with the institution and the participants. There are two different points when… Continue reading On Why I Won’t be Giving You My Slides