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Teaching–Learning Structure for Productive and Receptive Skills, Part I

I have written before about Lesson Planning. I have talked at length about constructing learning objectives here and here, and I have given some ideas for a function-based approach to lesson planning. In that last article, I advocated for beginning the planning process with focus skills and practical functions in mind. In this short series, I… Continue reading Teaching–Learning Structure for Productive and Receptive Skills, Part I

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NOW OFFERING: On-Demand Lesson Observations

  One of the greatest sources of professional development for teachers is regular lesson observations and constructive feedback. If you’re lucky, your institution provides this as standard, but MANY TEACHERS ARE NOT SO LUCKY. Many teachers go for YEARS without being observed in their classroom. Until now, I have only conducted lesson observations of teachers… Continue reading NOW OFFERING: On-Demand Lesson Observations

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The JLA Lesson Structure

Many of the posts that I have written on this blog so far deal with specific parts of the lesson planning process or specific scenarios encountered while teaching. All of these different elements, however, are components of an overarching structure, which is what I’ll be writing about here. This post will introduce and describe the… Continue reading The JLA Lesson Structure

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Workshop: A Practical Approach to Teaching Language

One-Day Workshop for English Teachers 9am Saturday, 29 July – South Jakarta The new school year is just around the corner, so now is the perfect time to start thinking about how you can give your students the best this year. Students, parents and teachers are becoming increasingly aware of the changing professional and academic environment… Continue reading Workshop: A Practical Approach to Teaching Language

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Levels of Understanding

I’ve spent a lot a time talking about Bloom’s Cognitive Domains lately. This is largely because I’ve been invited to speak at a number of institutions about Critical Thinking, and in every instance so far, the teachers have informed me that, in one way or another, their institutions encourage them to “use Bloom’s Taxonomy”. When… Continue reading Levels of Understanding


On Competition in the Global Era

Competition in the classroom: perhaps one of the longest enduring debates on teaching methodology to date. Through the training programmes I have conducted both for local teachers here in Indonesia and for teachers from around the world, I continue to see a fairly even split between those who say competition in the classroom is a… Continue reading On Competition in the Global Era

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A Functional Approach to Lesson Planning

I have discussed in several posts my approach to lesson planning. In particular, I have described my three-part structure for learning objectives and asserted the importance of application in all lessons. In this post, I will take a practical look at how we decide what we are going to teach in our ESL lessons from… Continue reading A Functional Approach to Lesson Planning