On Teaching “Those Students”

Today I came across this post on LinkedIn with a good number of “likes” and only assenting comments. While I appreciate the underlying sentiment here, I do think it’s a little  dishonest. And to be clear, I don’t mean that I disbelieve that the original poster truly feels this way. But people get a lot… Continue reading On Teaching “Those Students”

Non-Native Teachers · Thoughts

On Native and Non-native Teacher Equality

  It feels cheap to start this article with a list of caveats, but it also feels necessary. During my career as a teacher (9 years in so far, so not a lifetime, but far from negligible), I have experienced teaching in a number of different types of institution alongside both Native and Non-native Speaker… Continue reading On Native and Non-native Teacher Equality


On Competition in the Global Era

Competition in the classroom: perhaps one of the longest enduring debates on teaching methodology to date. Through the training programmes I have conducted both for local teachers here in Indonesia and for teachers from around the world, I continue to see a fairly even split between those who say competition in the classroom is a… Continue reading On Competition in the Global Era


On Solving the Problem of Large Classes

I live and teach in Indonesia, where classes in formal schools are often above 30 students, increasing to as large as 40–50 students for government schools outside major cities. While I haven’t taught there, I’ve heard plenty about China and India, for example, where a class can have more than 60 students. As a trainer,… Continue reading On Solving the Problem of Large Classes

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On Why I Won’t be Giving You My Slides

I speak at schools and universities fairly frequently. I average at about one event a month, which isn’t spectacular, but it is regular. Whenever I do one of these events, I am asked by the organiser or the host to share my slides with the institution and the participants. There are two different points when… Continue reading On Why I Won’t be Giving You My Slides