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Planning Learning on Multiple Levels

I recently met with some teachers from a nearby language centre for an informal chat and to give them some guidance and ideas to develop themselves and their institution. The primary reason we met was because a colleague of mine mentioned that the language centre was without a senior teacher / academic director, and the… Continue reading Planning Learning on Multiple Levels

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Teaching–Learning Structure for Productive and Receptive Skills, Part III

This is the final part of this short series of posts. The previous post focused on how to structure lessons focused on the productive skills, speaking and writing. In this post, I shall outline the same for receptive skills, reading and listening. Developing Receptive Skills There are many things different about receptive skills when compared… Continue reading Teaching–Learning Structure for Productive and Receptive Skills, Part III

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Teaching–Learning Structure for Productive and Receptive Skills, Part I

I have written before about Lesson Planning. I have talked at length about constructing learning objectives here and here, and I have given some ideas for a function-based approach to lesson planning. In that last article, I advocated for beginning the planning process with focus skills and practical functions in mind. In this short series, I… Continue reading Teaching–Learning Structure for Productive and Receptive Skills, Part I

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NOW OFFERING: On-Demand Lesson Observations

  One of the greatest sources of professional development for teachers is regular lesson observations and constructive feedback. If you’re lucky, your institution provides this as standard, but MANY TEACHERS ARE NOT SO LUCKY. Many teachers go for YEARS without being observed in their classroom. Until now, I have only conducted lesson observations of teachers… Continue reading NOW OFFERING: On-Demand Lesson Observations

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The JLA Lesson Structure

Many of the posts that I have written on this blog so far deal with specific parts of the lesson planning process or specific scenarios encountered while teaching. All of these different elements, however, are components of an overarching structure, which is what I’ll be writing about here. This post will introduce and describe the… Continue reading The JLA Lesson Structure

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Make the Most of Your Classroom Situation

Leveraging Mixed Abilities to Reinforce Learning Here in Indonesia—and in many other parts of the world too, I am sure—a major challenge that faces almost all teachers in almost all schools is the mixed ability class. To a certain extent, this is an entirely universal teaching scenario, but it is certainly more pronounced in some… Continue reading Make the Most of Your Classroom Situation

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Your Students Will Forget What You Teach Them

And It’s Not a Bad Thing Occasionally, we can teach a lesson and come back to it later only to find that the students have forgotten it entirely. You might have felt that the initial lesson was a diamond—everything went well, the students were engaged, interest and participation were high, everybody left happy and wiser—and… Continue reading Your Students Will Forget What You Teach Them

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On Establishing Classroom Dynamics

Classroom Culture, Pt. II At the recent TeacherTalkTime event, an important point was raised that spanned several of the topics discussed. It’s important because it is apparently a fairly universal problem and one that can seem insurmountable to many teachers. The solution, I am confident, falls under the banner of classroom culture, which I first… Continue reading On Establishing Classroom Dynamics

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Redefining Teacher Accountability

An Essential but Misguided Concept Accountability is a word certain to draw a rift between teachers and the people who employ and appraise them. Generally speaking, education administrators, policy makers and those who employ teachers need to know how well teachers are performing and whether the students are getting the education they need/expect, while teachers… Continue reading Redefining Teacher Accountability

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Teach First, Ask Questions Later

How to get teaching completely backwards. As with many areas in life, often the things that seem most obvious, most instinctual, are in fact not right, and when we pause to look a little closer, we realise that the counterintuitive alternative is actually better. For example, people spend excessive energy trying to avoid making mistakes… Continue reading Teach First, Ask Questions Later