This is a place for me to share ideas on education and  techniques for teaching.

I teach English and run various professional development programmes for teachers in Indonesia through my institution, Jakarta Language Academy.

I have been an EFL teacher for almost 10 years and a teacher trainer for almost five. This is not a lifetime, I know, but it is not negligible either. Here I will write about my experiences in the classroom and the interactions that I have with other teachers as well as my thoughts about education in general and my responses to things I read or hear about education and its future.

One of the things I have come to lament most in my time as a teacher trainer, education consultant and manager of teachers is the lack of interaction and support I see amongst teachers. Walking into teachers’ rooms, I am far more likely to hear teachers complaining about their jobs or gossiping about their students than I am to see teachers asking each other for help with materials or sharing their teaching ideas.

And it’s much the same online. Apart from a few general fora, where usually one or two contributors remain constant while other teachers come and go,  there are very few places online where teachers can speak to other teachers and ask for or offer support, ideas and guidance.

I hope that in time, this blog can become such a place. I hope to see my posts generate not just likes and shares but comments and discussions. I hope to eventually have guest posts, live chats, interviews and other communicative/interactive content as well as my own straightforward posts.

It is up to you, dear reader, to make this happen. So please, before you leave the blog, leave a comment or two. You can feel free to disagree with me about anything I write; in fact, I encourage it. I only ask that you be pleasant to me and to others while doing so.

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