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NOW OFFERING: On-Demand Lesson Observations


One of the greatest sources of professional development for teachers is regular lesson observations and constructive feedback. If you’re lucky, your institution provides this as standard, but MANY TEACHERS ARE NOT SO LUCKY. Many teachers go for YEARS without being observed in their classroom.

Until now, I have only conducted lesson observations of teachers who work for me or who train for me. However, having seen the great results that lesson observations with comprehensive and constructive feedback can achieve as well as the strong positive responses I have received from teachers I have observed, I am taking the service public.

If you would like to have your teaching observed and receive comprehensive feedback on every stage of the teaching–learning process, you can register with me directly for an on-demand lesson observation.

In order to make this service as accessible as possible to teachers in all conditions, I am offering the very low fee of US$ 35 for a complete observation, which includes the observation, written feedback and a follow-up conversation if needed.

Not only that, but I will give a 20% DISCOUNT to the first two teachers who register EACH MONTH.

If you want an observation, contact me today by commenting below or by email at karl.millsom@jakartalanguageacademy.com to make arrangements. Lessons can be recorded and submitted digitally for observation, and feedback will be sent by email in a convenient format. Follow-up calls will be conducted via Skype for up to one hour.

Written feedback covers the lesson plan, a minute-by-minute commentary of the lesson and an overall comment with detailed evaluation and suggestion as well as a detailed skills report. Click here to download a sample of the kind of feedback you can expect to receive.

If you happen to live in Jakarta and are interested in a live observation, get in touch right away to arrange it.

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