Project Update

A few months ago I wrote that I would be trying to write 1000 words a day in an attempt to get some solid content up on here and to keep my creativity consistent. I kept up with that fairly well, and while not all of my work ended up on this blog, some 80% or so probably did.

For the last few weeks though, you might have noticed a distinct lack of posts on here. The reason for this is not that I have stopped writing, but rather that my writing has been going elsewhere. Specifically, I decided a short while ago to start writing a book, and that is what I have been up to.

Before I started work on the book, I had the vague idea in my head that one day, I would gather some of my favourite articles from this blog and other places I have written into a collection of some sort. Then, recently I decided instead to make a lesson planning guide, perhaps 50 pages or so, using some of the ideas I have touched upon on the blog.

That has now become a much larger project than I ever imagined. I have now outlined 12 chapters and have already written most of the first three. That has brought me to around 70 pages and almost 25,000 words so far. As I’m sure you can tell from that progress, it’s going to be quite the undertaking!

Below are the 12 chapter headings to give you something to look forward to, and if you sign up to my mailing list, you will receive the opportunity to preview small segments of the book as well as access to some other exclusive content.

I’ll also be trying to get back to posting more regularly on here, though with the book underway and a qualification that I am currently studying for, it likely still won’t be as regular as it has been in the past.

Chapter Headings:

Chapter One: Being a Great Teacher

Chapter Two: Creating a Positive Learning Environment

Chapter Three: Constructing a Learning Objective

Chapter Four: Engaging with the Lesson

Chapter Five: Recalling Prior Learning

Chapter Six: Encountering New Target Language

Chapter Seven: Processing New Learning

Chapter Eight: Trying It Out

Chapter Nine: Applying the Language to Life

Chapter Ten: Reflecting on Learning

Chapter Eleven: The Lesson Plan

Chapter Twelve: The Bigger Picture

I look forward to updating you further as I make more progress, and I hope to see you on the mailing list!



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