A Brief Interlude: My Daughter

My daughter, the tiny woman that I gave life to, is going to be strong. She is going to be confident and self assured, and she is going to know what she is worth. You can teach her to be meek, to be quiet, to be subservient, but she will not learn that from me. You can teach her that the way to be a good girl is to put up with disrespect, to accept being ignored and treated as less than the next person, but my daughter will learn to stand up to her fullest height, to show the world her size and her worth, to be everything she has the power to be and to never bow her head or to cower or to keep her words to herself. She will learn what’s right and what’s wrong, and she will learn to do what’s right and to stand up to what’s wrong every day no matter whom it offends. We as parents, as teachers, as bosses, as mentors, as leaders have the power to establish equality and justice. No, not the power, the responsibility, the duty. So do your duty. Teach your daughters to be strong. Give the women around you the space to be everything they can be. Give them the opportunity to show the world the strength they have running through their veins. Give them respect. Give them what they deserve and nothing less.


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